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The benefits of yoga in the areas of physical,  mental health, and  in spiritually, no longer need to be demonstrated. Yoga can help attain well-being, happiness and unity in our body and soul. This can range from simple relaxation up to spiritual search.

Our concept of yoga retreat is part of that dynamic, that is, selecting for you experienced yoga teachers who have developed an expertise in the knowledge of that discipline.

Recognized by their peers, most of them have created their own yoga studio in France or abroad, where students from diverse cultural backgrounds practice on a regular basis.

These yoga retreats designed for both novice apprentice or experienced yogis are aimed at gathering practitioners from different nationalities and cultures to share friendly exchanges and authentic spiritual experiences.

The type of yoga that will be practiced during these various retreats is mostly Ashtanga Yoga , Hatha yoga or Vini Yoga.

If each of these two disciplines, yogis will get a chance to approach or revisit the bases of yoga (postures, breathing techniques, concentration, relaxation and meditation), while paying special attention to the specificities of each of them.

In addition to the daily practice of yoga, these retreats will give you the opportunity to discover a new destination, a particular place.

During your stay, a number of sporting, cultural and holistic activities will be proposed to you, making your yoga experience even more pleasant.

Yoga teachers who will act as your "guides" throughout these retreats have all been selected for their passion for yoga and long experience in the practice of this discipline.

Their teaching expresses their desire to go every day further in understanding the science of yoga and their willingness to share their knowledge, so that you may fully enjoy the benefits of this practice.

These yoga retreats or tours are intended for a wide audience of practitioners, whether beginners or experienced, all interested to either learn this discipline or to go further in the knowledge of that philosophy.

For those who merely wish to join a friend or a relative during the retreat,  we have provided for a special accompanist rate.

We offer a unique journey in various destinations (Europe, Africa, Asia, India, North Africa ..) and unusual places selected just for you, which we hope will give you entire satisfaction.

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