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“The sacred songs of Bengal” by Kristin:

In the northeast of the Indian subcontinent, Bengal is the cradle of Baul. Bauls are a wandering mystics singers community, vagabond singers, kind of minstrels whose spirituality is expressed in the most captivating way, through song, music and dance. Free, they are not subject to any religion, any dogma, and they do not recognize castes.

Of Hindu origin, or Buddhist, or Sufi (they are then called wizards), they are followers of the Innate, Sahaj, and researchers of the Absolute. Sahaj, the quest of Innate, is the foundation Baul spirituality. The Innate, the Divine, the Man-of-Heart, the Man-of-Spirit, Moner-Manush, he is the ‘Jewel’ nested at the heart of the Being, to whom Bauls dedicate their life.

‘I discovered incomparable Baul songs: away from scholarship, deep thoughts and melodies that go to the heart. Philosophy, poetry and devotion mingle there. I do not believe that such a marvel is also in popular literature.’

– Rabindranath Tagore, bright Bengali poet, Nobel Prize for Literature in 1913.

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