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Yoga lessons during 5 days, 4 hours per day : 270 euros per person

Not included :

  • Accomodation and food : from 290 euros (full-board standard double or shared room) to 890 euros per person (full-board deluxe individual cottage)
  • Ayurvedic treatments (see price table below)
  • Flights
  • Transfers from the airport


bhyanga & Sweda

34 euros

Whole body massage + steam


60 euros

Weight loss treatment


46 euros

Deep Tissue Massage

Laghu Dharas

32 euros

Shirodhara - Oil drip treatment

Grithadhara - Medicated ghee drip treatment

Takradhara - Buttermilk drip treatment

Ksheeradhara - Medicated milk drip treatment

Laghu Abhyangas

32 euros

Shirobhyanga- Head & neck massage

Padabhyanga - Foot & leg massage

Mukhabhyanga - Face massage

Netra Tarpana - Treatment for eye strain


26 euros

Kati - Treatment for lower back pain

Greeva - Treatment for neck pain

Janu - Treatment for knee pain

Chakra - Treatment for stomach disorders

Hrid - Treatment for chest problems

Beauty Treatments

32 euros




Hair Treatment


Navarakizhi (SSPS)

112 euros

Advanced, luxurious massage

Patra Pinda Sweda (PPS)

112 euros

Advanced, luxurious massage


112 euros

Luxurious decoction treatment

Sarvangadhara (Pizhichil)

148 euros



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