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What to do after the yoga lessons? Here are some examples of what you can enjoy on the Paros Island during summer 2016

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Kite Surf

  • Discovery: 45 min - 40 €
  • IKO Level 1&2: 8 to 10 hours lessons - 390 €
  • IKO level 1&2&3: 12 to 15 hours lessons - 550 €

kitesurfing in Paros Greece



The cruise starts from Piso Livadi port at 08:00 and arrives at 10:20 at Athinio.

On arrival, a luxury bus is waiting for us. Our first stop is Pyrgos, which was the capital of the island until 1800. The village is composed of traditional houses built around the Venetian castle and the narrow streets that blend into the shape of the hill. The village has many churches, around 33, but the most famous is the Monastery of Ilias, where a small collection of ethnographic material and old icons are exposed.

Then you will have the chance to admire the traditional architecture of Oia, and during your free-time visit the Nautical Museum which is housed in an old traditional house.

The ships of Santorini were the first to have visited the Aegean Sea, 7000 years ago, and the art of ship building is old.

Following your visit to Oia, you will reach the picturesque island capital, Fira, a unique show, as it is built on the edge of steep cliffs. During your stay you can visit the cultural center at the Venetian Gyzi Mansion which is located in the center of the Catholic area, where several cultural activities are organized, like art exhibitions or theater.

There is a permanent exhibition of old maps and documents relating to Santorini and the rest of the Cycladic islands. The Archaeological Museums is also very interesting. Exhibitions represent the great history of the island, especially the old idols of the Cycladic civilization.

At 4:30 pm you will board the cruise ship that will reach Pisso Livadi at 7:00 pm.

Rate include : Private transfer port – hotel, support, bus tour in Santorini, round trip boat ticket and lunch (without drinks).

Price : €100/ person

daily cruises around cyclades islands in Greece

ONE DAY CRUISE TO DELOS & MYKONOS (Tuesday-Thursday-Sunday)

Discover with us Delos and Mykonos Islands.

The cruise starts from the port of Naoussa at 08:30 am and after a stop at Naxos, we will arrive at the archaeological site of Delos at 10:40 am. There you will discover the small granite land of the God of Light, Apollo. You will be amazed by the exceptional archaeological site covering the history of three thousand years. During your visit, you can admire, among others, the Sanctuary of Apollo, the terrace of the Lions dedicated to Apollo by the people of Naxos, the temple of Latona, and beautiful exhibitions of the local museum.

After three hours,  at 1:45 pm, you can reach Mykonos Island. During your visit, you will discover everything that has made it famous: a walk through the picturesque streets, the sight of beautiful windmills and Little Venice, the traditional architecture.

You will also discover the golden beaches, and blue and white water. It is interesting to visit the archaeological museums, water and folklore of the island.

At 5:00, the boat will go from Mykonos, arriving at Naoussa at 6:20 pm.

Price per person: €90*

*Rates include : Hotel private transfer – Harbor – Hotel, support, entry fee Delos arch. site, round trip boat ticket and lunch (without drinks)


You will visit the church of Panagia Ekatontapyliani in Parikia, unique Byzantine monument in the Cyclades. Later, you will discover Lefkes, one of the most beautiful villages of Paros, built at the foot of Ilias Mountain.

In Naoussa, you can visit the Moraitis winery, enjoy wine that will pleasantly surprise you. Then you will have free time on the small port of Naoussa, a meeting point for young party people of the island, which has kept its authentic charm.

You will have lunch in Pisso Livadi, a small port and enjoy the beach on the east cost of Paros. Finally, departure for Aliki. You will pass through the South side of the island and enjoy the beautiful view of the islands around Paros. In Aliki, Mrs Popi open “Scorpions” museum doors, which houses the work of Benetos Skiadas, a local sailor. This museum contains a collection of miniatures of the most impressive boats, and in the garden, the most popular monuments of the Cyclades. In the end, return to Parikia.

Price per person : €70*

*Price include: bus rental for 8 hours, support, entrance fees for Moraitis winery, Ekatontapiliani museum, Scorpions and lunch (without drinks)


The tour starts at 09:00 am from the port of Pounda. Boarding on the ferry and after 7 minutes, we reach the neighboring island of Antiparos. After the escort, you will have time to visit the street market, a coffee and visit the Venetian castle which was built in 1440.

We will continue with a visit to the cave of Antiparos, known worldwide as probably the oldest cave in Greece. The arched entrance is guarded by the picturesque 18th Century church of Agios Ioannis Spiliotis. The hudge stalagmite, which is at the entrance of the cave is the oldest in Europe and is estimated at 45 million years. Going down the 411 steps to the heart of the cave, more than 100 meters deep, you will face a breathtaking spectacle. All around there are spectacular formations of stalactites and stalagmites.

Optional lunch in the town of Antiparos. Taking the way back to the ferry boat and around 01:00 pm we arrive at our hotel.

Price per person : €70*

*Price include : Bus rental for 4 hours, round trip tickets bus and ferry, escort, entrance to the cave and lunch (excluding drinks)

Discover the beautiful island of Antiparos aboard a traditional fishing boat

The trip starts at 10:15 am at the port of Pounda. The captain will guide you to the most beautiful beaches, caves and small islands. The first stop will take place in Panderonisia Islands. There will be several stops for swimming in the crystal clear waters at the beach of Faneromeni, the cave of Mastichari, and finally to Livadia. During the tour local wine will be served, and refreshments and meals will be prepared by the crew, and also a great barbecue.

The trip ends at 5:00 pm when you return to Pounda.

Price per person : €70*

*Rates include : Hotel – port – hotel private transfer, our escort, round trip boat tickets and lunch on the boat


Discover with us Iraklia and Koufonisi Islands

The cruise starts from the port of Piso Livadi at 10:00 am and arrive in Iraklia at 11:10.

There you will have 1 hour and 10 minutes to walk around the harbor and the picturesque streets.

Our next stop will be Koufonisi. You will have 4 ½ hours at your disposal.  The peaceful atmosphere of the island will surely inspire you. You will enjoy the day relaxing at the pool on the beautiful beaches of the island and the taste of fresh fish. At 5:15 pm, return to Piso Livadi, arriving at 6:30pm.

Price per person : €70*

*Rates include: hotel – port – hotel private transfer, our escort, round trip ticket for daily boat trip

DAILY EXCURSION TO KOUFONISI ISLAND Aboard a traditional fishing boat

The tour starts at 09:30 am from the port of Piso Livadi.

First stop for a swim in the small bay of Agios Sostis, in the South of Naxos, with a small chapel, built by a fisherman, who found shelter there in a storm. At 12:00, we will stop at the caves in the South of Kato Koufonisi, which is protected in all wind conditions.

Then we will visit the caves of Glaronisi, a small island between Kato and Pano Koufonisi, and we will do a stop for a swim.

At 1:00 pm, a stop will give us time for barbecue and swimming in the Southern part of Kato Koufonisi. At 3:00 pm, we will take a walk in the port of Koufonisi and see the village from the boat.

Last stop for a swim on the North coast of Kato Koufonisi. At 5:00 pm, return to Piso Livadi.

Price per person: €70*

*Rates include: hotel – port – hotel private transfer, our escort, round trip boat tickets and lunch on the boat


Our tour begins with taking Naxos boat as early as possible.

Upon arrival on the island, the bus will pick us up from the town of Chora. After taking the central road through the mountainous part of Naxos, we will reach the village of Galanado. Just outside the village, we will see the Venetian tower Bellonias.

Continuing on the main road, we will cross the Tragea valley with endless olive groves. Small villages and hamlets appear on the way. Our first stop will be at Halki, famous for its Venetian castles, mansions and Byzantine churches. We will walk through the village and visit the traditional lemon distillery.

The next village we will encounter on the way is Filoti, which was built on the foundations of Za mountain, which is the highest in the Cyclades Islands. From there we will follow an uphill road that will lead us to Apirantos, also known as the “marble village”.

This is the point of our return. After passing the village of Moni, we will reach Kynidaros, the region known for its rich marble excavations. Our next stop down the hill is the province of Flerio Melanon, where we will see the famous statue “Kouros” within a beautiful garden. After spending 30 minutes there, return to Chora, enjoying our lunch in a traditional restaurant and have free time to walk around the capital and maybe visit the archaeological museum.

At 6:30 pm return with the boat, arriving Paros at 7:10 pm.

Price per person: €70*

*Rates include : hotel – port –hotel private transfern bus tour in Naxos, round trip boat tickets, entrance fees Naxos arch. museum and lunch (drinks are not included)

Please note: rates are per person, taxes included



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